Cutting table KNF80 with loader

The KNF80 model with loader is a cutting table that stands out due to its speed and it is suitable for the packaging and the advertising industry.

The KNF80 cutting table with automatic loading system offers a solution that optimises processes and production times in automatons. The user intervention is only required to pile up the plates in the automatic loading zone before cutting and removing them after cutting.


  • Compatibility with most software.
  • System that checks the table flatness and evenness to prevent deviations higher than 0.15mm, ensuring a uniform cut throughout the working surface.
  • Optional register camera with software to obtain more precise cutting results.
  • Versatile tool head that admits different types of accessories, such as vinyl blades, fixed blades or drag cutting, cutting wheel, milling, v-cut, etc.
  • Conveyor belt to meet the demands for different types of materials, such as rolls or sheets. This allows picking up and feeding the materials in a completely automated way, saving time, improving the efficiency and preventing human errors.
  • This machine meets the standard EN-60204-1 on Machine Safety. Electric equipment in the machines.

Technical features

  KNF80 KNF780 2513
Working area 1300 x 2500 mm 1700 x 2500 mm
Tools Triple head. Engraving, cutting, oscillant, laser point and camera. 
Cutting speed 12000 mm/s (depending on material)
cutting thickness ≤60 mm (depending on material)
Precision +/- 0.2mm 
Resolution ≤0.01 mm
Files format DXT and PLT
Buffer memory 2Gb
Control panel Multilanguage LDC 
Transmission Servomotors, lineal guides, screw, belt
Fixing material Vaccum 
Power 12 kW (vaccum included)
Voltage 220V/50Hz - 380V/50Hz
Conveyor size 1320 mm 1720 mm
Dimensions 3705 x 2300 x 1295 mm 3705 x 2700 x 1295 mm
Weight 1600 kg 1700 kg
Roll weight 350 kg 350 kg