Digital flat bed cutting KNF0604-RM

Digital cutting for small format.

  • Double tool head, with camara registering system, which guarantees cutting and creasing presition.
  • Uses different tools like the cutting and creasing, with an optional drawing tool.
  • Applications: Crafts, packaging/ Boxing, vinyls and stickers, etc.
  • Perfect for prototyping and small production, offering quick results, allowing customized production.
  • Integration with digital printing machines.

Technical features

Tools Precise cut / vinyl  / folding / drawing tool / camera
Cutting speed up to 800 mm / s
Cutting thickness ≤ 1,5 mm 
Material Cardboard, PVC foam, kraft, Magnetic sheets,  PET sheets, printing blankets, etc.
Tools Tungsten carburated blades / folding tool
Fixing material Vaccum
Precision ≤ 0,2 mm
Repetibility ≤ 0,1 mm
Interface Ethernet Port
Control panel LCD multilingual touch screen
Transmission system Servomotor
Voltage AC 220 V + /- 10 %, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Cutting area 600 x 400 mm
Cutting area with load system 500 x 400 mm
Dimensions 800 x 2.250 x 1.100 mm