Flat cutting table KNF50

The KNF50 model is a cutting table with a high performance 6 axis movement control, that allows to map the cutting surface and obtain the perfect adjustment of the working depth.


  • High quality hardware configuration (servodrivers, engine, line guides, belt, endless screw, everything of Japanese technology).
  • Advanced structural design of the cutting surface with great vacuum capacity, ideal for big and small parts.
  • Digital depth control: dotted cuts, half cut, full cut and folding.
  • The vacuum area is divided in a way to make it simpler to hold still any size material.
  • Maximun cutting speed: 1.200 mm/s.
  • Self leveling automatic feature.
  • Simple change of tools, blades and folding wheel, easily handled by the user.
  • LED multilanguage screen.
  • Ethernet interphase. It can connect with several computers long distance and can be controled and updated remotely.
  • Local HHDD. It stores up to 2 Gb of buffer memory, that you can use without the need of a computer.
  • Ultra sensitive anti-collision security system - Safe and trustworthy.
  • This machine meets the standard EN-60204-1 on Machine Safety. Electric equipment in the machines.
  • Available cutting table messures: 1.300 x 1.100  - 1.800 x 1.500 - 2.500 x 1.300 - 2.500 x 1.700 - 3.000 x 2.000 mm.

Technical features

  KNF50 2513 KNF50 2517
Working area 2500 x 1300 mm 2500 x 1700 mm
Speed Cutting 800 mm/s (depending on material)
Travelling speed 1200 mm/s (depending on material)
Max. thickness ≤45 mm (depending on material)
Multifunction head
Oscillant, Kiss-cut, folding wheel, laser point and camera
Holding material Vacuum
Repeatability ≤ 0,01 mm
Security system Infrared sensor
Interface Serial port and ethernet
Data transmission distance ≤ 350 mm
Buffer memory 2 Gb
Transmision speed 100 Mb/s
Machine language HP-GL Compatible
Control panel Touchscreen
Movement Servomotors, linear rail, belt and screw
Voltage 380 V / 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power 7.5kW (vacuum included) 11kW (vacuum included)
Conveyor dimensions 1320 mm 1320 mm
Dimensions 3400 x 1300 x 2100 mm 3450 x 1460 x 2450 mm
Weight 1.000 kg 1.100 kg